ServiceNow offers a homogeneous cloud-platform and several different standard-business modules. These functional rich and mature modules - i.e IT Service Management, HR Management, Strategic Portfolio Management or Customer Service Management - cover many business areas.

Next to the standard business modules ServiceNow offers “Low-Code-Development” capabilities within the platform. The ServiceNow development environment enables the creation of apps and business solutions faster and with less effort compared to traditional solutions. As a Low Code Development Platform ServiceNow enables fast and flexible adaptation of IT-Solutions to ever-changing business processes with considerably less effort compared to traditional solutions.

Custom-developed business solutions can be used where standard modules don’t fit or have to be extended. These business solutions can be stand-alone or be something like a “Connective Tissue” between the standard ServiceNow modules.With this approach the creation of comprehensive and unified solutions within and across all business areas can be managed.

The integration of Legacy Software with ServiceNow can be performed with comparatively low effort. Legacy-Solutions often don’t have to be replaced: ServiceNow can be used as a System of Action layer which runs on top and across existing solutions. This reduces the risk of costly and risky migrations but the users can nevertheless work in a highly modern, productive and user-friendly environment.

The ServiceNow Enterprise Cloud distinguishes itself from the competition with a very powerful multi-instance architecture and industry-leading availability, redundancy and performance. A very high-level of Security to protect sensitive data and to ensure compliance across all industries and geographical areas are also part of ServiceNow’s offering.

ServiceNow can be used by globally operating enterprises as well as smaller companies. The use of 16 data centers in 8 regions guarantee that all security requirements of customers worldwide are met. In 2018 the data centers Frankfurt and Düsseldorf were go live. Further information about the ServiceNow Enterprise cloud can be found Sie here.


The ServiceNow SPM Module offers mature functionality for


  • Ideation Management
  • Demand Management
  • Resource Management
  • Project Management
  • Project Portfolio Management
  • Project Controlling
  • Agile Project Management (Scrum)
  • and other areas.

We consider the ServiceNow SPM module to be on the same level or superior to other comparable solutions like CA PPM (Clarity), Planview, Planisware etc. 


To expand the SPM module, we have created the ServiceNow Apps Capacity Analyzer and Project Scorecard:

Project Scorecard

Project Scorecard

Our ServiceNow Primavera Connector offers a bi-directional integration with Oracle Primavera, the worldwide leading tool for complex project management in the construction industry.

SPM can be used for IT and none-IT projects of low, medium and high complexity. This module can replace almost all existing Enterprise PPM solutions like CA PPM (CA Clarity), Planview and Planisware.

You can find further Information about the Servicenow SPM module  here.


The Customer Service Management module offers rich and mature functionality in the following areas:

  • Multi-Channel Incident and Problem Management
  • Self-Service Portal for customers
  • Visibility and Management of SLAs
  • Customer Incident Management
  • Measuring of KPIs like Resolution time, Customer Satisfaction etc.
  • Contract Performance Management
  • Field Service Management based on skills, location and availability Management
  • Management of stock-parts and automatic creation of work orders
  • Support of mobile devices with offline capability

We consider the ServiceNow Customer Service module to be superior to all other solutions available on the market today.

You can find further Information about the ServiceNow CSM module here.

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Project Scorecard

Project Scorecard

Our Project Scorecard App
enables the selection of projects on the basis of predefined KPIs. The company strategy can be broken down via a balanced scorecard approach.

Capacity Analyzer

Capacity Analyzer

The Capacity Analyzer
allows a real-time overview of the actual utilization and the future requirements of resources across an organization or for selected resource-pools.

ServiceNow-Oracle Primavera Connector

ServiceNow-Oracle Primavera Connector

Out-of-the-Box bi-directional integration of ServiceNow SPM and Oracle Primavera. Synchronization of milestones, creation of reports in ServiceNow with data retrieved from Primavera. „Remote-Control“ of Oracle Primavera from Servicenow.