In the following industries we have extensive expertise and deep knowledge of the relevant application systems. In our team we have experts from various industries up to the executive level. We are able to advise from a business perspective as well as to implement and configure IT solutions that are required to support relevant business processes. Due to our knowledge of the typical industry-application- landscapes in our focus industries, the integration of Servicenow with existing application systems is another focus of our work.


Increased productivity, greater transparency, improved risk management and financial controlling in the development of drugs and diagnostic devices.

New drugs are developed over a long period of time. The development process is associated with great risks and requires very high resource capacity and capital. The process of new drug development follows clear rules and is subject to strict compliance requirements. Furthermore, for the international orientation of research-based pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, the process complexity is increased by the fact that new drugs have to be approved for several markets.

The management of the digital transformation and the quest for new business models are additional challenges for these industries. The proactive management of research and development projects, the connection of strategic and operational planning, as well as, enhanced risk management capabilities are key competitive factors.

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Improved controlling of Product Development Processes (PDP). Increased transparency and efficiency in the development of vehicles and vehicle components. Comprehensive solutions for After Sales.

The automotive industry faces significant changes worldwide. While the past decades have been characterized by continuous improvement, there are currently several disruptive changes like, for example, the ongoing increase of software and sensors in vehicles, the exploration of alternative driving systems and the long-term trend for connected and autonomous driving. Additional challenges are the reduction of cycle times for product development as well as constantly increasing innovation pressure.

New product development must meet these challenges. The speed of market launch and the cooperation with new, innovative partners are key competitive factors.

Moreover, automotive development projects are carried out to a considerable extent in cooperation between OEMs (automobile manufacturers) and specialized supply companies in complex project settings. The overlapping product lines of components architecture as well as platform-oriented development lead to complex project networks and additional time pressure. These aspects pose great challenges on tools and processes for planning and coordination of development projects.

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Solutions for Airline Operations, Maintenance-Repair-Overhaul (MRO) und Airport Ground Coordination. Customer Service Management solutions for Aerospace Manufacturer und Supplier.

The Aviation and Aerospace Industry is known for its safety culture, complex compliance requirements and strong cost-competition between the airlines. This cost-competition also influences the business models of aerospace manufacturers and suppliers.

Our consultants have long-term experience and deep process knowledge in the Aviation and Aerospace Industry.

We offer consulting in the areas of Airline Operations, Airport Ground Coordination, Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and Predictive Maintenance.

For Aerospace manufacturers and suppliers we offer process-consulting for the optimization of New-Product Development (NPD), Customer Service Management, Field Service Management and Materials Management processes.

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Complex Engineering processes, long product development processes and a highly sophisticated supply chain are some of the challenges of this solution area.

How can ServiceNow help to master the challenges?

An aircraft consists of millions of parts. Before the maiden flight, every single part has to be checked by heart and approved. This creates one of the most complex networked supply chains. Recently experienced delays in the industry shows just how much the on-time completion of aircraft and systems is dependent on networked project management and complete control of the supply chain. But the required checks regularly end at Tier 2 manufacturer level, not integrating Tier 3s.

Solutions with ServiceNow support the design and manufacturing process. With the help of the cloud, even smaller suppliers can be easily connected and the production progress can be controlled. Deviations from the schedule can be detected early without huge IT investments. The central monitoring and reporting system always informs all parties involved about the status and any necessary countermeasures.

In the aftermarket the supply of the active fleets with spare parts often hooks: With production periods of 20 years or more, the production capacities for line fit components and aftermarket components often compete.

This is then optimized after the lower penalty; lead times extend and customers are dissatisfied.

Solutions based on ServiceNow allow OEMs to connect directly with their leading airlines and MRO customers, providing high visibility into aftermarket needs. This networked view also creates the possibility of efficient control of the respective sales channels.


High reliability requirements, the improvement of information exchange between Airlines and MROs and high cost-pressure are some of the challenges in this solution area.

How can ServiceNow help to master the challenges?

Technical reliability of aircraft is not only a central safety issue for airlines, but high (technical) aircraft availability is also a cornerstone for a stable flight plan, high punctuality and ultimately high customer satisfaction.

Airlines are investing tremendously in the continued preservation of the airworthiness of their aircraft. ServiceNow technology can help to reduce the associated cost. The compact and simple merging of existing data from different systems allows purposeful action. Whether it is the tracking of the fleets, the planning of maintenance events or simply the implementation of modification campaigns.

By the way: ServiceNow is also at the forefront of Predictive Maintenance, currently the hottest topic in the MRO area. GE's Predix platform uses ServiceNow's algorithms and features to make flying better and cheaper.  

ServiceNow also enables MRO companies to provide solutions that make it easier and more sustainable to operate the delivery and customer interface more efficiently.

The system-integrated Customer Service Management module(CSM) enables a significantly improved service experience, especially for recurring transactions both on the purchasing side and on the sales side (for example, repair order management, pooling of rotables, loans, exchanges, etc.). Through data integration in the cloud, the supplier, MRO and (airline) customer always share the same information. And the usual discussions about status, TAT / OTP and even penalties can be omitted.


Constant growth of Air-Traffic volume, the pressure to use existing resources more effectively and outdated IT-support systems are some of the challenges in this solution area.

How can ServiceNow help to master the challenges?

Effective airline and airport operations need a constant orchestration of the various players on the aircraft and around it: aircraft, fuel, crew, passengers, luggage and cargo must come together exactly to the point. Many processes are e.g. standardized by the IATA agreements and airlines and airports refine the process manuals to meet the local requirements.  

But check-sheets are still kept in paper and real data integration is hampered by a variety of isolated IT systems. With conventional systems, not all information can be represented in an economically sensible way in everyday business life by interfaces.

As a cloud solution, ServiceNow enables the cost-efficient and simple depiction of even long and complex processes with many stakeholders.

As an original mobile solution immediately with the integration of mobile devices or even with the integration of IoT technology. Both at the level of a single airline and on a whole airport. This creates a common data flow for everyone: every participant, every flight, every day and every airport. Transparent and simple.


Aircraft Predictive Maintenance Solution Demonstrator

This solution demonstrator is based on ServiceNow CMDB, CSM, Field Services and uses the Agent Intelligence (Machine Learning) capabilities of the platform.

Predictive Maintenance for Aircraft reduces unscheduled downtime and saves money in day-to-day operations. Prediction of possible problems, identification of anomalies, decision support and the dispatch of Service Technicians and spare parts are included in this solution.

Airline Operations Solution Demonstrator

This solution demonstrator is based on the ServiceNow CSM and Field Services Modules. So far the management of fueling processes, the dispatch of fuel-trucks and properly licensed personnel, as well as, aircraft weight and balance and economic considerations are included in this solution. The solution will be extended to a full Airline Operations solutions in the near future.

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Increased efficiency in controlling of all project activities in Product Development (NPD) and Innovation Management. Solutions for Customer Service Management, After Sales and Field Service Management.

The high-tech industry is in the midst of digital transformation. The search for new, service-oriented business models, the steadily growing innovation pressure as well as the increasing global competition call for new approaches and new solutions.

The growing share of sensor technology and software, the Internet of Things (IOT), and the growing scarcity of critical resources in research and development ("War for Talent") call for new approaches and new solutions.

IT-enabled support of innovation processes, optimization of processes and resource usage, cloud-based solutions that can be used almost without training, as well as, support of context-sensitive-collaborative work in international projects are required.

The overlapping product lines of components architecture as well as platform-oriented development lead to complex project networks and additional time pressure. These aspects create considerable challenges for tools and processes alike.

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