We offer consulting services in the areas of Demand Management, Project and Portfolio Management, Customer Service Management and After Sales Management. Our consulting services span the complete value-chain from Business Analysis, Organizational and Process consulting up to the design, specification and implementation of IT solutions. Our project-teams are staffed with business oriented consultants and technical consultants and developers.


Demand Management covers the collection, analysis, planning and the portfolio management of demands.

In a stage gate process demands are analyzed with regard to criteria which have been derived from the company strategy. In the various phases of the stage gate process demands are continuously enriched with information. When all necessary information is available in sufficient quality the decision is made if the demand will be transformed into a project.

We offer consulting on how to create and implement a demand management which supports your business requirements, in the definition of suitable KPIs and decision criteria, in structuring your decision processes and in creating different short-term and long-term demand portfolios.


Investments into projects are increasingly becoming a significant part of the total expenditures in many companies. An effective and efficient selection and controlling of projects is crucial for business success. The effective selection of projects and the controlling of the portfolio-execution are key elements of the Servicenow Project-Portfolio Management functionality.

When establishing a Project Portfolio Management it is important to define clear roles, decision groups and processes. It is crucial to consider all political and interpersonal constellations to ensure an effective and lasting collaboration of all affected stakeholders. An efficient Project Portfolio Management without supporting IT solutions is almost.

We support you in creating your Project Portfolio Management processes and the governance processes for your project execution. We help you to optimize your resource planning to maximize the portfolio throughput within your organization and to manage project risks with appropriate strategies.



In times of customer-centric and service-based business models Customer Service Management and After Sales are of increasing importance for business success.

New trends like Predictive Maintenance based on real-time sensor data and the integration of this data in decision processes enable the creation of new business models.

We offer consulting services to support you in the creation and implementation of your customer service processes, in design and management of SLAs and in optimizing and controlling of Field Service management.


With increasing pressure to cut cost in many business areas and the need to react in almost real-time to external influences a powerful financial management system and effective controlling is more important than ever.

We offer consulting services to design and optimize your financial management and controlling processes.